Due to the COVID-19 Virus our office has implemented electronic only permitting, plans review, and inspection requests. Please use the email addresses below. 


 Please send all permit applications and plans for review to [email protected]


Please send all inspection requests to [email protected] You must include the permit number, address of permit, type of inspection, City of inspection, field contact, name of contractor, and email address. 

MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) Permit applications are now available in the  FORMS page. 


The Panama City EPCI office has permanently relocated to 205 W 7th St Directly behind our Jenks Ave office. This only affects our Panama City office all other office locations remain the same. If you are needing permits in the City’s of Callaway, Springfield, or Parker please visit the Callaway office located behind Callaway City Hall at 6601 E HWY 22. The Panama City office will only be issuing permits for Panama City.

We are currently using the phone numbers listed below.

Panama City (850) 818-0213

Callaway, Springfield, and Parker (850) 874-9347

Port St. Joe (850) 229-1093

Mexico Beach (850) 648-2033

Please send any mail to 205 W 7th St. Panama City FL 32401. Thank You

We have received a lot of questions and concerns about the permit requirement for repairs to homes and businesses. We understand that it feels like an additional burden while you’re trying to make repairs to your home and/or business, but Florida law requires that new construction, rebuilding or remodeling be permitted and inspected. Additionally, we want to ensure that our citizens do not become a victim of unlicensed contractors or unpermitted repairs.

We also understand that insurance and mortgage companies require permits and inspections to be accomplished to receive insurance or financing. EPCI can be reached by contacting your local building department as listed above or by visiting the following offices. Panama City 205 W. 7th Street Panama City FL 32401; Callaway, Parker, and Springfield 6601 E Hwy 22 Callaway FL 32404; Mexico Beach 201 Paradise Path Mexico Beach FL 32410; Port St. Joe 1002 10th Street Port St. Joe, FL 32456; Apalachicola 192 Coach Wagner Blvd. Apalachicola FL 32320.

If you had damage to your home or business, it’s important that the work is done properly and that the person you hire is properly licensed. We recommend you hire a licensed contractor to make the repairs to your home. The contractor should pull the permit through EPCI with any permitting fees included in the scope of work.

 An unlicensed person is only permitted
to “dry-in” a structure. Drying-in a structure means
the use of tarps, plastic sheeting, or other temporary
materials for the sole purpose of preventing further
damage to the structure. All permanent repairs must
be made by a licensed individual.

For a more detailed list of work that requires permits and a licensed contractor please click the following link.


As a locally owned and operated business, EP Consultants, Inc. (EPCI) provides a personal interest in assisting local municipalities, contractors, and homeowners in code services.

We offer over two decades of experience in Florida code services on a state and local level, to ensure that the development of Northwest Florida flourishes into a structurally safe environment. We pride ourselves in assisting local municipalities with obtaining development goals, knowing these efforts will lead to a bright future for Florida’s cities.

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Whether it is your home or your business, we always take a personal interest in each step of construction to assure a safely established environment.

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Under state and local laws, businesses must abide by fire codes for the safety of business employees, customers, and the surrounding properties.

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