Hilton E "Bo" Creel

President and Co-Founder of EPCI Code Administration Services

 [email protected]     

Bo Graduated from Poplar Springs High School near Graceville in 1966 and was on the Florida Championship Basketball team that year. Bo is married to Cecilia Maddox Creel and has two sons: Michael and Paul. He now has four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

With 50 years in the construction industry and prior experience as a licensed building contractor, Bo is an excellent building code consultant for residential and commercial properties, and provides exceptional fire and building inspections.

He was also a continuing education for contractors instructor for 20 years where he taught:

  • DBPR Licensed Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Inspector
  • DBPR Licensed Building and Plumbing plans examiner


  • Florida State Fire College: Certified Fire Safety Inspector
  • Certificate of Competency Arson Investigator
  • Southern Building Congress


  • Building Inspector Building Plans Examiner Plumbing Inspector
  • Electrical Inspector Mechanical Inspector Plumbing Plans Examiner
  • Chairman Creek Indian Council under Governor Lawton Chiles
  • Member Port St Joe Lions Club
  • Member Acme Masonic Lodge Panama City, Fl
  • Member Shaddai Shrine Temple Panama City, Fl
  • Currently work as Inspector and Plans examiner for EPCI